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Draco Nobilis- (noun) {Noble Dragons} -A mythical breed of winged reptiles noted for their fierce battle yet honorable behavior.

Welcome to the Draco Nobilis Clan Site...


We now use a VOIP called C3...You can download the free program at: http://www.downloadc3.com/ 

You can search for us by the group name Draco Nobilis Clan... 


Draco Nobilis- (noun) [drey-koh  no-bil-is] latin: Noble Dragons --A mythical breed of winged reptiles noted for their fierce battle yet honorable behavior.

Hello and welcome to the Draco Nobilis Clan website! Draco Nobilis Clan is a clan of adult gamers currently focused on first person shooters (FPS) including Warface (North America) and others. All members must meet age requirements and we use C3 to communicate in-game. We will consider new members, but all members must work well with current members....

ATTENTION Current and Prospective Clanmembers...All new members are probationary until it is decided by the Clan Admins that the new member fits well with everyone else...This is also an active Clan with limited space. If you know you will be away for a while, please let one of the Admins know prior to 'disappearing'..Any Clanmember who is not seen in game, or heard from, for three weeks may be removed from the Clan !! We value every Clanmember, and you wouldn't BE a Clanmember unless you were chosen to be, but we cannot 'hold a space' for players who no longer take part in Clan activities.

If you will be away, leave a message on the website, email me at: draconis9@live.com or just tell one of the Admins you will be away. If something unexpected happens, and you are away long enough to be dropped, that DOESN'T mean you are no longer welcome in the Clan...just get in touch with one of us, and we can talk about it.....

Warface....Now in Open Beta and free to join.....

21 January 2014

Warface North America is now in open Beta...You can join the fun by registering at Gface using either Chrome or Firefox (Internet Explorer is not currently supported)....Even in Beta stage, the game is well worth the try...Great graphics that are well suited to even mid-range computers and GPUs, Co-Op and Player-v-Player, maps that change daily in Co-Op, intelligent AI in Co-Op, many modes in PvP and challenging gameplay...You can register at http://www.gface.com/ or check out some of the promotional Warface videos:

Classes Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C4c3OfvJTuw

Graphics Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AdnDYvjwl4E  (and yes, it really DOES look like that in game) 

Hope to see you in-game...........


17 June 2012

 If you want to know what Warface REALLY looks like in-game, here is a video to give you some idea....This is one of the co-op (like Fireteam in CA) games, the easy training map, played by Reg, Killer and Drac....Watch in HD, full screen mode and take note of the sound of brass falling during the firefights as well as several sections where I slowed down the action so you could get a clear look at the detail...

......and, yes, it DOES look that good (or better) in game....Enjoy....


5 June 2012

 NEWS UPDATE ON US PUBLISHER OF WARFACE THIS YEAR !!  Just before the beginning of the E3 Convention (Electronic Entertainment Expo...where all new games and advances are premieired) Trion Worlds launched a new Warface video with their logo....According to FPS Report ( http://www.fpsreport.com/news/87-warface/536-trion-worlds-to-publish-cryteks-warface-in-north-america-releases-e3-trailer.html ) the belief is that Trion Worlds will publish Warface here in the US instead of NEXON .....With NEXON's lag issues and server sided issues, this can be a good thing for Warface....After taking a look at Trion's website ( http://www.trionworlds.com/en/about/ ) they are currently providing real time strategy and massive multiplayer online games, so they know something about hosting games and providing service.......The video Trion offered is another great promotion for Warface, and for those of you who have not seen the graphics and gameplay, take a look...for those of you who have been playing on the Russian servers, take a look and you will recognize the maps...;o)


NEW VIDEO-- Here is a video of what it's like to play Warface on drugs....Nahhh, not really, but it IS a freaky video we shot during one co-op game...As it says in the video, this is NOT what Warface usually looks like, but I minimized the screen to start FRAPs while the game was loading and I guess my computer didn't like it... This video is the result....Enjoy...


I'm working on another video that really shows the quality of the graphics and gameplay in Warface....Stay tuned......I will post it here when I get it online.....


There is a new free to play FPS coming out in the US sometime this year called Warface...You can register your nickname now at the Warface website, which will also register you to participate in the closed beta when that starts....  http://www.warface.com/

..Now, for the good news....

You can play Warface NOW if you want.... Because we at Draco Nobilis Clan are so good, so clean and so well known around the world, we have been invited to play Warface online in RUSSIA....That's right, pull up your boots, lock and load, brush up on your Russian (to get you started.... "dasvidaniya"= 'till we meet again' or 'goodbye'...."da"='yes'..."nyet"='no'...) and get a jump on the game before everyone else in the US.......

....OK, so some of that may be a bit exaggerated, but the part about playing NOW is 100% accurate...and on a Russian server as well...with little to no lag or stutter, it either works or doesn't.....

If you are interested, you can follow the directions found here: http://www.xboxmb.com/forum/10-general-discussion/107298-how-play-warface-english.html

NOTE: Do NOT go to the site given for the English language pack. 

 You can access the English language pack by going here:


or here:

http://draconobilis.servegame.com/warfaceEnglishPak.zip   (Thanks Bust)

You will need to save the English language file somewhere on your computer where you can find it.  Also, whenever they update or patch the game, the Russian language file sometimes gets reinstalled, so if that happens, you will have to put it back in the game file..... 

...Here are the system requirements for Warface...

 Warface System Requirements


Minimum requirements:Recommended requirements:
Operating systemWindows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
ProcessorIntel / AMD dual-core 2.0 GHzIntel Core2Duo ™ E6-series / Athlon64 X2 6400 +
Memory1GB (1.5GB for Vista / 7)2GB of RAM
VideoGeForce8600 GT 256MB /
ATI (AMD) Radeon X1950 256MB
GeForce9600GT 512MB /
AMD Radeon HD 4830 512MB
Free disk space

6 GB of free hard disk space





                 .....with thanks to 'Mr Sinister' of 'Slay U Daily'.....

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